Don’t let testing and form filling put you off travelling…

Don’t let testing and form filling put you off travelling …. it’s so worth it’ll be able to travel again…

I have just returned from our long awaited family holiday to Crete.

For Greece if you are fully vaccinated then you don’t need a test to enter, however if you have children between 12 and 17 ( as I do) they need a test or if you haven’t been fully vaccinated.

You need to produce a negative Covid test, this can be either a PCR or lateral flow ( which is cheaper), so this is what we did. If you need a PCR just ask me and I can let you know who I found cheapest.

I had been doing a bit of research into tests and found a company recommended by British Airways for lateral flow tests who so the test via video link (Zoom),the experience was so easy. 

You buy the test online and it gets delivered to you, (takes a few days), then you register and arrange a date and time for a video consultation. So at the appointed time we dialled in and were guided through how to take the test, then they go over your passports details while waiting for the test results, all negative so a fit to fly certificate was issued and emailed to over, amazingly efficient, (took about 20mins)and without having to leave home!! 

You can also use them for your test to return to the UK (everyone 11 years  and over needs to do a test to return within 72 hours of arrival time in the U.K.)

You just buy the test, register and book a consultation before you leave the UK, which we did, we just had to remember that the consultation time was U.K. time. 

For our Day 2 test we used Eurofins and you do need to order this before you fly back to the U.K. because you need the confirmation reference on your return to U.K. form. We did this test when we got home and then dropped it into the dedicated Eurofins box we have in our office (this is then collected by courier Mon-Fri) and results came through the following day.

Most countries now require you to fill in a form online before you travel with your passport details, where you are staying etc….they are easy to do, and we can help you with these. You also have to do a ‘Return to U.K.’ form again it’s easy to do online and with both forms, once filled out and submitted, you are sent a PDF by email.

All in all having now gone through the testing and form filling experience, I wouldn’t let this stand in the way of travelling again….. in fact I’ve just booked my next trip. 


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